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General Settings Basic settings
Setting Value
Adventure Name
Enrollment Link
Highlight Color
Core Mechanics Settings that affect the narrative and environment
Setting Value
Experience Points The name for the points that allow the player to level up
Virtual Currency The name for the points the players use to pay for anything
Rechargeable Points The name for the points the players spend when energy is needed
Nickname The default way of calling them within the adventure. Write in singular.
Assign guilds on login If assigning random guilds to the players, turn this on.
Time Mechanics Settings that affect the schedule, deadlines and start dates
Setting Value
Time zone The time zone of the adventure. Default is GMT 0
Current adventure time: 2022-08-08 23:34
Hide quests How to hide quests based on time.
Resource Mechanics Settings that affect the when the players receive their resources
Setting Value
Grade scale type If grading the players, what type of scale are you using.
Assign Resources If grading the players, when will the players receive the resources from each quest.
Adventure Intro This message will be seen when players log in for the first time to the adventure.
Enrolled players Total 4
ID Name Lastname Email Work Role Remove
2441 Diego Souza [email protected] Owner Owner
2442 [email protected]
2443 [email protected]
Setting Value
Demo adventure This allows players to delete all their data in the My Work page.